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Pick from the following packages that meet you where you are! You can choose to have an in-depth, all-inclusive service with everything included, or simply get your pet's food evaluated to start you off!


Phoenix Package

- Two Hour Nutrition Consult
- Food Analysis
- Wizard's Compendium
- Educational Guide on Changing Diets
- Magic Cheat Sheet
- One Free Pegasus Package


Dragon Package

- Two Hour Nutrition Consult
- Wizard's Compendium
- Magic Cheat Sheet
- One Free Pegasus Package


Pixie Package

- Food Analysis
- Magic Cheat Sheet



This service is to analyze a food you're feeding - or even a food you wish to change to! This is an in-depth evaluation of the ingredients within the food, and of the food as a whole.
You will be provided with research-backed ingredient information, I will call out any ingredients that may negatively impact your pet's health, supply you with formulas for useful calculations to better interpret pet food labels, and issue a summary of the food in question.

I will also advise you whether the food meets my standards of approval. The final result of the Food Analysis is that you will be far more prepared to properly evaluate other pet foods going forward, because my Food Analysis is an educational tool, as much as it is a informative report.
For those who wish to skip the consult, or need an even more affordable option, this is a great package for you!


The Compendium is received after any Nutrition Consult and contains your goal - as determined during the consult and questionnaire - food and supplement recommendations with pictures of each of the suggested options for reference, and your pet's Nutritional Plan, a tailored-for-you guide designed to achieve the goal determined at the beginning of the consult!


The Educational Guide on Changing Diets and Magic Cheat Sheet

The guide is an in-depth transition walk-through and educational tool. It gives detailed information on the barriers pet owners face when changing their pet's food and how to overcome them, as well as how often you should change your pet's food, what the benefits are of varying the diet, and more. The Cheat Sheet is a quick reference tool that also outlines a simple Five Step program to changing your pet's food successfully, while the Educational Guide will go into more detail.

Both are included in the Phoenix Package, the Magic Cheat Sheet is included in the Dragon Package, you can purchase them à la carte on my Wizard's Merch store, or you can get the Cheat Sheet included with the $10 Wizard's Shopping Companion!

The Secret Pegasus Package

Okay, so it's not THAT secret. This package gives you additional support for 30 days, once you've purchased a Phoenix or Dragon Package. You will be sent a secret link where you can find the Pegasus Package! A free Pegasus Package is included with every consult, so no purchase is necessary for the first 30 days following a consult.

With this package, I will assist you with any personalized questions regarding your pet's dietary needs, via voice or video chats, for a total of 1 hour per month. This may be done in two half-hour segments, four 15 minutes segments, or a single, hour long, "Mini-consult".

You will also obtain access to the Animal Nutrition Wizard Discord Server, where you can chat with me, and other Patreons/Clients who have access, and ask questions in the Text Channels. Simple questions can be asked in the appropriate Text Channel with no limit!

Questions that require more complex answers will require use of 1 or more of your 15 Minute Segments.

Once your 30 days has ended, you may purchase another 30-day Pegasus Package to retain access to the Discord server and receive another hour total of Mini-consults.



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