With years of study and experience, I developed wizard caliber knowledge of pet nutrition. I am putting it all together to illuminate the many facets of pet nutrition. I strive to provide all the tools and tips you need in the form that works best for you.


Discovering the unique dietary needs of my pets revealed a whole new world I had to share; I have a talent for enthusiasm! My mission is to aid you in examining and taking charge of your pet's health. This is why I became the Animal Nutrition Wizard!

Tryniti Thresher



Words are powerful. I will always take the time to navigate you through complex terrain and ensure we arrive at our destination together. I have worked hard to create ample methods to bring you the words that will change your pet's life for the better.

Pet Nutrition

I've received certifications as a Pet Nutrition Specialist from Nina Luu, Holly & Hugo, Jean Dodds, and Dr. Marion Smart. My study in animal nutrition is constantly advancing, so you can feel confident that my information is current and factual.


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My Area Of Expertise

Label Interpretation

The number one tool for determining pet food quality and nutrition levels is proficiency in label reading. Deciphering the Ingredient Deck, Guaranteed Analysis, and claims on a pet food label are my specialty.

Judicious Veteran

I exercise caution and good judgment in my consultations and subsequent nutrition plans for my clients. Knowing not only what to ask but also how to ask it and how to interpret the information provided by my clients is crucial to ensuring the final assessment is accurate. Since I have been doing this for the better part of a decade, I have developed a knack for quickly and efficiently obtaining key details in unlocking your pet's best nutritional plan.

Compassionate Communication

I apply excellent thinking skills to provide diplomatic solutions for difficult situations. Your needs are important to me, too, and are always highly considered when creating strategies to improve your pet's health.

Independent Investigation and Study

Determining whether a food, ingredient, or dietary concept is beneficial isn't as easy as a simple internet search. The internet is fraught with bad advice, half-truths, myths, etc. My ongoing study, expert investigating skills, years of tutelage, and hands-on experience with dietary strategies, set me apart. And I'll never accept sponsorship from any pet food company; nutritionists working for pet food companies are, unfortunately, always going to have to make compromises between your pet's nutritional needs and their company's profits.

Formulation and Nutrition

Creating balanced diets is both perilous and straightforward. Fortunately, nature provided the necessary diets for our pets. So I rely on what science has to say, and my practiced hand at interpreting what mother nature tells us of our pet's nutritional needs to recognize and provide optimal formulation and nutrition.

Leading and Mentoring

My favorite part of this work is when a client says something like, "It worked! My pet is getting better!" My second favorite is when someone I'm teaching says, "Oh wow! I didn't know that!" I've found that mentoring people is enriching and fun. The prior experience I've gained leading teams allows me to teach you thoughtfully and effectively.


The 9-pound Schnorkie


My dog is my best friend. Nearly 14 years old, she has been with me through thick and thin, and no one cheers me up entirely as she does. Her favorite game is keep-away, and her favorite treats are fresh blueberries and freeze-dried meats. Her diet consists of thoughtfully chosen pre-made raw foods and supplements. Suki has laid claim to the beanbag chair in my office and is perfectly content to follow me around the house as I work, do chores, and practice my favorite hobbies. She is just a perfect, sweet little girl, and I love her dearly.

The 400-gram Black Pearl Chinchilla


This handsome devil is Binx, my one-year-old Chinchilla! He loves throwing hay everywhere, nibbling on anything and everything, and cardboard cupcakes! Chinchillas are unique rodents in that they cannot have fresh veggies, must stay in a cool room (between 50 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit), and should never get wet! Binx goes nuts for bath time in a mini-wooden hut filled with a few spoonfuls of Volcanic Ash. He's a sweet, intelligent, curious little guy, and my favorite interaction with him is when I get to give him his preferred treats; a tiny pinch of dried dandelion leaves, which he'll eat right from the palm of my hand, and a quarter of a Timothy Hay biscuit.