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Through my evidence-based, educational, and empowering counseling, I will walk you through the steps to improve your dog or cat's health using a holistic, nutritional approach. Learning is a journey, and I am your pet nutrition guide!

How The Wiz Works

  • Step One

    Choose from several service packages and book the one that suits your needs best!

  • Step Two

    Fill out the accompanying questionnaire, if applicable, and I'll send you an Expectations sheet before the consult.

  • Step Three

    On the day of the appointment, the Wizard will work with you personally to provide a custom-tailored nutritional experience. This will ultimately lead to your empowerment as a pet owner in the understanding of your dog or cat's nutritional needs, and ideally lead to a happier, healthier pet!

What does the Wizard provide?

I work alongside and coach pet owners in a variety of ways!

I provide sponsorship-free, low-cost Nutrition Consults, where I develop a customized step-by-step plan to reach a pet owner's chosen health goal for their dog or cat. I create Food Analysis reports where I break down the nutritional information on a pet food label and walk my pet owners through the ingredients, the guaranteed analysis, and how to interpret it all so that they have the best picture of that food's nutrient profile - and whether they should be feeding it to their pet!

And through my Edublog, an educational podcast, my Facebook group and Facebook page, I provide accessible, scientifically accurate pet nutrition information to pet lovers; especially those interested and invested in their pet's diet and health.

The study and research I perform, as well as the consultations and support I provide, are focused on the nutrition and physiology of dogs, cats, and small pets (i.e. rabbits, guinea pigs) only, (No people, sorry!)

A healthy pet begins with you!

You are the ultimate arbiter of your pet's health, because you choose what they eat! Making sure that choice is the right one is where I come in. I want to guide and empower you to feel confident in the nutritional choices you make for your pet from now on!

Every organ, every cell of your pet's body, requires the appropriate fuel to keep everything functioning. At this very moment, your dog or cat, even if sleeping, is performing an unbelievably large number of internal tasks all at once. Their body continuously sends electrical impulses, filters urine, pumps blood, digests food, makes proteins, stores fat, regulates temperature, controls hormones, and more. All of these tasks are carried out by their cells. These cells need fat, protein, small amounts of carbohydrates, and any number of trace nutrients to function.

Ensuring every cell in your pet's body is fully nourished, protected from free radical damage, and free of toxins, carcinogens, inflammation, and allergens is the ultimate goal of any pet nutritionist's plan. And doing so will equip your pet with the ability to achieve the all-important Homeostasis needed to prevent and eliminate gut issues, skin issues, allergies, and disease.

This healing takes time. A dog or cat may spend years on diets that add toxins and damage cells in their body before making this critical nutritional change. So it will require time and effort to reverse that. All this to say, don't give up hope. You are not alone in this, and it may not be an easy or smooth journey, but it's one well worth taking - because you love your pet. They are worth the effort. I am here to ensure that effort is not fruitless because keeping your pet happy, healthy, and enjoying life as long as possible is my passion.
So, let's get started!